Refurbishment on small downstairs toilet, Chalfont st peter

  • By lewis horsted
  • 13 Jun, 2016

Refurbishment on small downstairs toilet, Chalfont st peter

This project undertaken by tlc property services uk was a refurbishment of a small downstairs toilet, we completed this job in 6 day including 2 days drying time for the plaster.
We started on day 1 by shutting water supply off to toilet and basin and removing toilet, basin, tiles, flooring and damaged plaster board, we then prepared walls and altered pipes, Day 2 was plastering.
After day 2 there was a 2 day break to allow plaster to dry once the drying period was over on our 3rd working day we painted walls and ceiling, fitted floor and skirting boards and also tiled the basin splash back, day 4 final day we painted skirting boards and fitted toilet and basin. job completed 
By lewis horsted 18 Sep, 2017
Bathroom installation, Amersham

This bathroom installation was a 5 day project and was quite straight forward due to the location of the bath/basin/toilet staying in the same place, the job started with the room being stripped out and new bath put in position, once the bath was in position it could be piped up and then the tiling began, after the tiling was completed around the bath the floor had to be installed so the vanity unit could be fitted with the basin and the tile splash back was fitted, after all the tiling was completed and the grouting the shower was fitted along with the shower screen, toilet and all other accessories and finally the bath was filled up for it to be siliconed around. Job finished and another happy customer

By lewis horsted 18 Sep, 2017
Painting and decorating:

This painting and decorating job was completed in Amersham, bucks
The job consisted of painting walls, ceilings and wood work including all doors and banister, this job included the hall, stairs and landing and 2 bedrooms.
The job was completed in 5 days starting with the 2 bedrooms and working our way down finishing with the entrance hall.
Another job completed and another happy customer
By lewis horsted 17 Apr, 2017
Walk in spa bath installation Chesham, bucks

This project taken on by us was for a customer who needed a bath that was easier to access so we discussed the options they had and they chose a walk in spa bath, the project was only a 4 day project starting with removing the old bath and tiles around the bath area, then we had the task of moving all pipe work as these walk in baths are build on a steel frame so all hot and cold and waste pipe work had to be redirected, then the new walk in bath was put into position and piped up and the jets where wired into a fuse spur as direct, once the bath was all in and piped up the tiling was done to match in with the old tiles and finally the new Lino floor was put down. Another happy customer
By lewis horsted 29 Dec, 2016

This shower room was installed for a customer who had recently suffered a stroke and needed a downstairs shower room that was easy access so this was created by using the old shower room, some of the hallway and the old office/storage space.
The work took 2 weeks to complete and started with removing walls where needed and opening up the space, then partition walls where put in place to block old doorways and all plumbing and waste pipes where run underneath the floor, once this was completed electrical work was undertaken to remove old sockets and switches and put all lights onto one light switch, after this was done the plastering was done and then the shower, basin, toilet and tiling could then be completed, a low profile shower tray was used with a walk in screen to allow easy access and also a raised heigh toilet was installed. The customer was delighted with the completed work. Another job completed by tlc property services uk
By lewis horsted 29 Dec, 2016
This painting and decorating job was only a small 2 day job that included walls being prepared and painted and one wall being wall papered,
work started by filling and sanding all imperfections and preparing to paint then 2 coats of paint where applied to the walls, finally on the second day the feature wallpaper was applied and the result was brilliant.
The customer was extremely satisfied, another job competed by tlc property services uk

By lewis horsted 25 Jul, 2016
This feature wall was a 1 day project and was a nice challenge to take on with lots of cuts and preparation, this wall was damaged before it was papered and had been previously plastered but to wall paper on to newly plastered walls you have to seal the plaster and this can be done a few different ways on this occasion we used a product known as size which seals the wall first, once this was done and dried out we got our central measurement and started wall papering the tricky parts of this were there was lots of cuts with low level pipes going through the wall and also getting a nice clean cut on the opening this was all achieved by using a straight edge and a Stanley knife. The customer and myself our both very happy with the end result.
By lewis horsted 25 Jul, 2016
This bathroom installation was a 7 day project starting by ripping out the old suite the most challenging part of this was getting the old cast iron bath out as these are extremely heavy, the ripping out of the room took just over a day, once the room was completely gutted the plastering was done, once the plastering was completed we started by getting the new bath into position and the new shower pipes into position ready for the tiling, once the tiling was completed the new bath and shower was plumbed in, after this was done the new flooring went down and the basin and toilet was then installed, on this occasion due to the plastering drying very slowly we had to paint the room after the new bathroom suite was fitted so this took plenty of sheeting up to ensure no paint got on the new flooring or bathroom suite, once the painting was completed we installed all accessories including shower screen, toilet roll holder, tooth brush holder and a mirror cabinet. Final day was spent ensuring the bathroom was spotless ready for the customer.
By lewis horsted 25 Jul, 2016
This small tiling job was completed in 1 day and the end result was great. On arrival the wall was just painted so the wall was primed then the customer set out on the floor how she wanted the tiles to be placed on the wall, once this was done the tiling was then completed and rapid set tile adhesive was used so grouting could be completed later in the afternoon, once the tiles where dry the grouting was completed and it looked great another happy customer.
By lewis horsted 13 Jun, 2016
Handyman service, Chorleywood, Amersham, Bucks
Our handyman service really does take any small jobs on so there really is no job too small, this job was a small project taking just 1 day and consisted of changing a kitchen tap, painting a shed, re sealing a bath, patching a hole in a ceiling and fitting 2 air vent covers so there was some minor plumbing involved along with some minor painting work, plastering and also just some general DIY. The custom at this job struggled for weeks to fine a company who would take this work on as it was small bits and pieces but at Tlc property services UK we never turn a customer away and we hear so often of people struggling to get quotes for small jobs and people coming to quote and never hearing from them, that's why we have the aim of taking on any job in the property and actually keeping to the word of no job too small.

By lewis horsted 13 Jun, 2016
This is a recent bathroom installation done by Tlc property services UK based in Amersham, this bathroom installation was done in Marlow and took 10 days to complete. Starting with shutting the water supply off and fitting isolation valves so the rest of the property still had a water supply, once this was done we began removing the old bath, basin, toilet and tiles, once the room had been cleared we began to run the new pipe work this included hot/cold pipe and waste pipe for bath, basin and toilet as the room was being completely moved around. After this was completed walls where plaster boarded ready to tile and remaining walls where plastered to be painted, once we had a fresh room to work with and all the pipes now in there new locations we fitted the bath and began tiling, once the floors and walls where tiled and grouted the small wall area was painted, after finishing the tiling and painting the basin and toilet was fitted and all smaller accessories where put up e.g shelves, shower screen, shower hose and mirror. We have received a 5 star review for this job and we're happy the customer is happy. Thanks for looking
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